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We specialize in evaluation, consultation, mediation, and litigation of disputes involving trusts and estate relationships. Our clients include individual and corporate trustees, public and private foundations, charities, personal representatives, beneficiaries, and high net worth individuals.

In the midst of the largest generational transfer of wealth in the nation's history, high stakes disagreements frequently arise concerning the validity and meaning of trust instruments and wills, the appropriate management and distribution of the assets which pass under them, and the conduct of the fiduciaries responsible for managing and distributing those assets.

Knight Law is pleased to offer the following services to assist you in your probate case or administering a trust:

  • Trust administration and settlement
  • Informal probate
  • Formal probate
  • Probate property transfers
  • Small Estate affidavits
  • Non-probate property transfers
  • Ancilliary probate proceedings
  • Foreign probate proceedings in Arizona
  • Collecting insurance or bank accounts
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