Small Estate Affidavit

Save Money through Small Estate Affidavits

Arizona law allows heirs to collect the assets of a deceased using a small estate affidavit or small estate transfer form as proscribed in the statutes.  Use of these types of affidavits is allowed only on estates that are under the small estate limits (currently $100,000 for real estate and $50,000 for personal property).

Knight Law has successfully assisted many clients through the years with avoiding the expense of a full probate case by using small estate affidavits.

Please contact us if you need more information on how these affidavits can help you save money.

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What is a decedent?
decedent is a person who has died. Courts and court papers regularly use this word in place of the name of the person who has died.

What does intestate mean?
Intestate” means that a person has died without a valid will. When someone dies intestate, the law sets out who is entitled to the property in the estate, and in what percentage.

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